How do I Configure my Integration With GivingFuel?

The GivingFuel integration for Virtuous will allow gifts to flow directly into Virtuous so they can be bundled and imported via the Gift Transaction Import.

To configure your integration, navigate to the System Configuration menu and then select "Manage Application Keys."

Click on the blue add button in the upper-right to add a new application key. Select "GivingFuel" from the list of options.

Once you have generated your application key, you'll need to provide that information to your support representative at GivingFuel. They will then set up and test your Virtuous connection.

Once your GivingFuel integration has been configured, you'll need to visit a specific url to view transaction data that has been synced to Virtuous in real time:

It may be easiest to bookmark this link for ease of future access.

Once per day, Virtuous will look for any transactions that have been synced, bundle them together, and bring them into the gift transaction import tool for processing. For more on processing gifts, view our training video on Batch Gift Entry.

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