Can I Search for a Contact by Email Address or Phone Number?


To search by email, phone number, Twitter handle, or any other unique contact data, you'll need to use the Query Builder in Virtuous. For Query Type, select "Contact." Then, in the first box, select "Contact Method" and use the "Is" operator in the second field. Enter the phone number or email address in the third field, then click "Execute" to see your results.

Important Tip: Phone numbers in Virtuous have no default formatting. So, the same phone number may be formatted in any one of the following ways:

  • (480) 555-1212
  • 480-555-1212
  • 480/555-1212
  • 480.555.1212
  • 4805551212

Be sure to check what format your organization uses by default when searching by phone number. You may also try using other operators to improve your search, including "Contains" or "Ends With."

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