How Do I Manage Tags?

Tags in Virtuous are one of the easiest ways to define groups. Tags can be quickly assigned to a single contacts or in bulk to a group of contacts, and may identify specific roles (Board Member, Volunteer, Superhero), communication preferences (Do Not Call, Do Not Mail, Do Not Make Eye Contact), or any other specific data you want to use to track your contacts. Tags can be used to quickly view a list of all contacts sharing a single tag.

The Tags box provides both a list of all Tags assigned to a Contact and a count of all Contacts in your system that have a specific Tag. For example, in the illustration below, we can see that this Contact has five associated Tags. And in this organization, there are only two Contacts (including the Contact record being viewed) tagged as “Major Donor.”


To manage Tags, navigate to the System Configuration menu and select Manage Tags



Click on the blue add button in the upper-right to create a new Tag. Select a Tag Category from the drop-down menu.


Specify a name for the new Tag and provide a brief description. The description is for internal use -- this helps users who may be new to your organization understand how to use any added Tags.


The Abbreviation, Expiration Date, and Minimal Giving Amount fields are entirely optional. The last two, in particular, simply provide your internal staff with more insight into the intended use of any custom tags.

When accessing the Tags screen, you will see that there are a number of standard Tags already created for you. You may choose to use these, rename them , or simply delete them. To edit or delete a Tag, click on the Edit link to the far right.

When viewing a Contact, Tags can easily be added or deleted. Click on the blue add button in the Tag box to add one or more tags. Clicking on the X to the right of any tag will remove it from a Contact’s record.

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