How do I Import a Batch of New Gifts?

First, navigate to the Gift and Contact Import screen from the main menu. 

On the left side of the screen, there are links to download import templates. If you will be importing gifts from an existing spreadsheet, you can download the Gift Template and either copy and paste your data into the template or transfer the template headers to your file. Field order is not important, but the column headers must match exactly with those in the template.

If you do not have your gifts in a spreadsheet, or do not have enough gifts to warrant creating one, you may enter your gifts directly into the Virtuous gift tool instead.

Once your file is ready to import, or you are ready to begin entering gifts. click on the blue add button in the upper right of the "Import Transactions" box. Select "Gift Transaction" for the Import Type to see additional options. If you will be uploading a spreadsheet, make sure the "Upload Csv" radio button is selected, then browse to find your import file on your computer. If all gifts in the file share the same type (i.e., you are importing a file of all credit card gifts) you may select the Gift Type; if your file contains a mix of Gift Types, simple leave that field blank. It is advised that you enter a batch number for tracking purposes -- if you do not already have some sort of batch numbering convention, you may use some variation of the date.


Finally, you have the option of entering a total for your batch. Entering a value means that your file MUST reconcile to that value, or else no gifts may be imported. If you prefer, you may omit the total. A running total for your import will be displayed in the import tool. Click SAVE to upload your file, which will then begin processing. Once your file has been processed, you will receive an email notification. Simply navigate back to the Gift and Contact Import screen and click on the Import link to begin reconciling your gift file.

To hand-key gifts, select the "Enter Manually" radio button. You will then have the option to enter a batch number and a batch total. Clicking SAVE will bring you to the same reconciliation screen. There, click on the blue add button in the upper right to bring up the gift form and begin entering gifts. You may use the search box to search for an existing contact, and if you cannot find the right contact, enter as much info as possible about the giver. Enter all gift information, and if necessary, you may check the "Create Pledge" box to enter information and create a new Pledge or Recurring Gift.

The Gift Reconciliation tool sorts incoming gifts into one of three "buckets:"

  • Records Needing a Match: These records cannot be matched to any existing Contacts. If desired, you may enter an existing Contact ID to "force' a match to an existing Contact, or click on "Create New" to create a new contact using the data included with the gift.
  • Records Needing Updates: These records have been positively matched to existing Contacts, but require further action before importing. This may be because the Contact data you entered or imported does not match exactly with the Contact record in Virtuous, or because one of the gift fields requires attention, or because a giver has multiple expected Pledge payments that match the amount of their gift. Items requiring attention will always be marked in red. Once you have taken the necessary action to update a record, click "Next Record" to move the Record to the last bucket.
  • Ready for Import: These records have matched to an existing Contact and require no further action before importing.

Once you have gone through your file and all records are in the Ready for Import bucket, the Import button will be visible. Click to import your gift records.


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