How do I Create a New Campaign?

Creating a New Campaign

To create a campaign, navigate to Fundraising Campaigns in the menu.

Then click on the blue add button in the upper right to bring up the new campaign form. Enter a name for your campaign, set the start and end dates, and enter an internal description. The description should include any information that might be helpful for new staff to know about your campaign.

Then, you'll have the option of entering three goals:

  • Giving Goal - How much money are you trying to raise with this campaign?
  • New Giver Goal - How many new givers do you want to acquire as part of this campaign? Generally helpful for acquisition campaigns, membership drives, etc.
  • Total Gift Goal - What is the total number of gifts you want to bring in with this campaign? While any campaign planning will typically involve building out a campaign pyramid with a gift count, this goal is particularly for text-to-give and other fixed-gift-amount campaigns.

If you don't have anything to enter, it's fine to just leave these goals at zero. But the fields cannot be blank.

Use the Owner drop-down to select the staff member responsible for managing your campaign. If you have a Twitter hashtag or you are using Google analytics as part of your campaign, you can store the information as part of the campaign setup.

Next. you'll have the ability to select which Communications will be part of your campaign. Check off the box by each Channel type to be included. Each Campaign Communication must have an associated Channel. Not sure what a Channel is? Click here to find it in our “How to Speak Virtuous” glossary.


If you have more than one Campaign Communications for any particular channel -- for example, maybe you are doing two separate mailings -- don't worry. You will have to ability add additional Campaign Communications later.

Click NEXT to start configuring your Campaign Communications.


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