How do I Run Segmentation and Launch my Campaign?

Once all Segments are created and Contact Queries have been assigned, click on the bars to the left of the Segment names and drag them up or down to re-order segments.

The order is important, as some givers may meet the criteria to be included in more than one Segment. For example, you may have a "Major Givers" Segment for individuals who have lifetime giving of $75,000 or more, and another Segment for "Planned Givers" that includes anyone who has made a planned gift. A Major Giver may also have made a planned gift commitment. In this case, you'll need to decide which takes precedence; should givers meeting both criteria be in the "Major Givers Segment or the "Planned Givers" Segment? If "Major Givers" should be first, make sure it is listed in order above "Planned Givers." Then, when you run segmentation, any givers assigned to the "Major Givers" group will not be included in the "Planned Givers" group.

Once you are ready to launch your Campaign, navigate to the Segments page, click on the "Action" button in the upper right, and select "Run Segmentation and Generate CSV."


This will "lock" all Segments for this Campaign Communication, preventing any future changes. Contacts who match the selected Contact Queries will be assigned to Segments, in priority order, and then a csv file will be generated that can be provided to a direct mail or email vendor to send out your mailing.

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