How do I Customize Project Types and Locations?

Navigate to the System Configuration menu and select "Manage Project Settings."

Here, you'll have the ability to set organization-specific list values for certain Project fields.


  • Inventory Status: For some nonprofits this may not apply. The Inventory Status field is particularly used by sponsorship organizations, or any time projects are designed to be funded only by a single giver. In these instances it's necessary to track which Projects are sponsored and which are available to be sponsored. On the Project Settings page, you'll have the option to create separate lists of "Available Statuses" and "Unavailable Statuses." These values will all be combined into the single "Inventory Status" drop-down on the Project Edit screen. Values in the first group will all denote some type of availability, while those in the second group indicate a project is unavailable for sponsorship.
  • Types: Types provide a way to combine multiple Projects and SubProjects under one umbrella, typically for reporting purposes. If you're not certain whether something should be a Type or a SubProject, consider whether you are dealing with an initiative that is common to multiple areas of focus for your organization, or unique to a specific area or Project. Common initiatives make sense as Types since they can include multiple Projects and SubProjects.
  • Locations: Since these are user-defined, Locations may be states, cities, regions, countries, even continents - whichever makes the most sense for your organizational setup.


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